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Extra-virgin olive oil from Gargano

Extra-virgin olive oil from Gargano holds many special qualities, and it is renowned and respected by all those who seek rare and unmistakable flavours. Like many of the delicacies hailing from this beautiful part of Southern Italy, the Gargano, which turn every meal into a banquet, this exceptional Olive Oil, fruit of arid, yet generous lands, kissed by the sun and joined with the sea in an eternal embrace, has remained hidden from the eyes of many potential admirers for too long.

This is an authentic niche product, and our mission is to bring to your table a precious food, capable of satisfying the most demanding of palates, enriching flavors and granting every dish with an unmistakable flavor and a touch of refinement.

Its peculiar qualities are such that the European Economic Community granted this Olive Oil its Protected Denomination of Origin (DOP) label. DOP extra-virgin olive oils are true Works of Art. They are Masterpieces containing a part of their native land, jealously safeguarding ancestral nuances and unique fragrances, in order to grant you rare and inimitable sensations.

We present a product with unique sensory qualities and beneficial characteristics, which will allow you to discover the pleasure of a healthy, natural approach to the culinary art, bringing you the flavors of ages past, which have not been forgotten.

The collection, pressing and storage of the olives, followed by extraction and packaging of the oil all take place in an environmentally friendly fashion.

Promontolio DOP Dauno Gargano Extra-Virgin Olive Oil represents the ideal oil for all those who are conscious about both their health and the environment.

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