Olive Oil From Apulia

Olio Di Puglia

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, a true jewel, fruit of the Apulia lands, is a typical product of the Mediterranean area, with a centuries-old history of excellence. There are many types of Oil, each with its own personality, and their flavor changes depending on the type of olives used, as well as the land they originated from.

Oil from Apulia originates from the beautiful plants that populate the hillsides of the Gargano region, with their branches extending towards the sky since the ancient times. The olive tree is an evergreen which thrives on hills and in close proximity to the sea, preferring arid climates to humidity.

It is a plant renowned for its longevity, and it can also be cultivated on clay and chalky soils. Oil is the green gold of Apulia. Every drop contains labour, dedication, knowledge, tradition, and, most of all, a unique and inimitable flavor.

Apulia is the region where half of the Italian Extra-Virgin Olive Oil production originates from: its hills give birth to oils with different flavours and sensory qualities, unique and unmatched products which carry within them a memory of their origins. Olive trees from Gargano, Capitanata and Daunia grow and prosper, almost touching the shoreline, in this land rich in unique natural wonders which holds a deep attachment to its agricultural roots.

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