D.O.P And D.O.P. Dauno Denomination

Olio Dop Dauno Gargano

The Protected Denomination of Origin (DOP) label, is a mark of quality that tutelages the close connection which some products share with their area of production. This connection includes both natural factors (climate, environmental characteristics), and human factors (tradition, processing techniques) which contribute to providing foods produced in those specific areas with properties which they would not display, were they to be produced in different areas.

The European Union grants this label to those foods whose qualities are closely connected to the region of origin, with a guarantee of the Ministry of Agriculture which certifies that the product conforms to its production specifications.

Thanks to an European Community regulation, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil from the Foggia province has been granted the DOP “Dauno” Protected Denomination of Origin, dividing the olive oil production territory into four areas: Alto Tavoliere, Gargano, Basso Tavoliere and Sub-Appennino.

The DOP Dauno mark, coupled with the geographic denomination “Gargano”, is reserved for Extra-Virgin Olive Oil produced from the Ogliarola Garganica variety, which has to compose at least 70% of the olives used in the production process.

Methods of cultivation, pruning techniques, preparation and soil care must be traditional. Harvesting must be done by hand, and the olives must be harvested at the right. Pressing of the olives and extraction of the oil is only permitted with mechanical and physical processes, to ensure that the final product will maintain all of the qualities of the olives used in the production.

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