Dauno Gargano DOP Promontolio Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

The extra-virgin olive oil from Gargano PROMONTOLIO is an oil with special qualities, appreciated by experts and lovers of excellent food and from everyone that is looking for a special and incomparable taste.

Our olive oil is a product with unique sensorial characteristics, which will let you recover the beauty of healthy and natural cuisine – enjoy the taste of a time long ago but never forgotten!
All steps of productions from harvest, compression and storage of the olive, to extraction and packaging take place in total accord to nature and territory.
Promontolio extra-virgin olive oil DOP Dauno Gargano, Promontolio extra-virgin biological olive oil from Gargano, Promontolio extra-virgin olive oil, fruity or intensive are olive oils that are perfect for everybody who wants not only to have a healthy and pure food but also likes to respect the territory.

Italian Extra virgin Olive Oil – Gargano

Dop Dauno | Organic | Fruity



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